How to Live with a Millionaire

When I moved in with BR four years ago, I was 31 and he was 39.  Overnight I went from 600 square feet of normal to 6000 square feet of totally bonkers.  Let me sum it up for you:

– spooky, almost menacing-looking mansion way down at the bottom of a ravine.

– creaky, unreliable funicular to take you up to street level.

– scary grotto (if I ever go missing, please look there).

– unfinished moat, accentuated by pylons and caution tape.

– ferocious poodles

– lots of cameras, lots of codes, lots of buttons, lots of Star Wars paraphernalia.

Me: BR, what was the point of building that grotto underneath the pool?  I’ve never seen you use it.  And I will definitely never use it because it’s basically just a dark, scary underground cave.  With water in it.

BR: Blondie, I started that project before you moved in…

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  1. Congratulatuons on your level 3 security, Blondie. I find your post very interesting.. I wonder, does his house have those window shutters you could turn on to turn day into night? I always loved those.

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